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RF Microneedling - Potenza

Face & Neck: $1000 or  3/$2250

Face: $700

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Microneedling with the Potenza can help to address the most common aesthetic concerns because of the added benefit of advanced radiofrequency technology.

  • 3 – 5 treatments are recommended 
  • 4 – 6 weeks apart 

Patients may notice improvement after the first treatment, however, skin will continue to improve over the next 6 -12 months post treatment. Results will vary from patient to patient.

A good candidate for RF Microneedling

While there are no definitive predictive factors for clinical responsiveness, there are general characteristics for which we look for: 

  • Mild to moderate laxity with relatively elastic skin 
  • Mild to moderate skin blemishes
  • Mild to moderate textural changes 

The Potenza Difference 

4 different RF modes for shallow and deep treatments in one system • Monopolar, Bipolar  • 1 &2 MHz 

One of a kind Fusion Tip for enhanced topical penetration. The Fusion Tip Difference Resulting in topical penetration enhanced up to 67%

Unique Tiger TipTM technology’s semi-insulated needles to treat more tissue at multiple depths. 

• Delivers two horizontal areas of coagulation, at different depths, in a single pass. 

• Resulting in increased coverage with a quicker treatment, fewer passes and treats deeply without sacrificing the epidermis. 

  • These S-tips are great for deep tissue tightening. 

Insulated Needle

Insulated needles are intended for revitalization treatments.
The tip (0.3mm) of the electrode needle is uninsulated which provides targeted, precise RF energy to the selected depth.
This results in less risk of skin surface side effects and direct energy delivery the dermis.

Single-needle handpiece

To precisely target and improve blemishes on the skin.

  • Single needle AI-15 tip
    – Available in 0.8mm, 1.2mm, or 1.5mm depths
    – Operates in monopolar at 1 MHz
    – 1-6 pulses of energy can be performed per blemish
    – Used to precisely target and improve active acne. 


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